New Best iOS 13/13.3 Cydia tweaks Part2

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New Best iOS 13/13.3 Cydia tweaks Part2

Today the checkra1n dev team released the first iOS 13 jailbreak by the same name! In this article we’re going to share some of the best iOS 13 Cydia tweaks with you. All of the jailbreak tweaks have been confirmed to work on iOS 13 – iOS 13.3. 
Just so long as you’re jailbroken. But to reiterate, these are the top best Cydia tweaks to install right now!

Before you can download any of the tweaks listed here, you need to jailbreak iOS 13 – iOS 13.3
  • You will simply need to add them within Cydia and let the packages refresh in order to be able to benefit from the packages contained within.
  • http://cydia.angelxwind.net/
  • https://ios.jjolano.me/
  • http://c1d3r.com/repo/
  • https://repo.dynastic.co/
  • https://creaturecoding.com/repo/
  • https://beta.cpdigitaldarkroom.com/
  • https://repo.chariz.io/
  • https://repo.packix.com/
  • http://poomsmart.github.io/repo/
  • https://repo.nepeta.me/
  • http://cokepokes.github.io/
  • http://akusio.github.io/
  • https://repo.rpgfarm.com/
  • https://repo.incendo.ws/
  • https://repo.nullpixel.uk/
  • https://repo.orangebananaspy.com/
  • http://julioverne.github.io/
  • https://xenpublic.incendo.ws/
  • https://xtm3x.github.io/repo/
  • https://shiftcmdk.github.io/repo/
  • https://sparkdev.me/
  • http://junesiphone.com/repo/
  • http://junesiphone.com/supersecret/
If you have a newly jailbroken iPhone or iPad using the wonderful Checkra1n tool, then what are you waiting for? The list above contains a slew of repos, each of which contains one or more packages that are definitely going to give you a great experience on your liberated device. Go right ahead and get adding them.

Best iOS 13/13.3 Cydia tweaks Compatible 

  • A-font
  • A-shields
  • Clean home screen 
  • Coolcc
  • FacesPro
  • Latchkey
  • Luminous
  • Pivot
  • Powermodule
  • SimpleLS2

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