FlipBeats tweaked Streaming Music ios 13.3 NO JB

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Version 1.4.4
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FlipBeats tweaked Streaming Music ios 13.3 NO JB

Flipbeats is the first thing you notice. With the latest UI changes in Android and iOS, Flibeats also seems to be adapting to it. The UI has a mix of white thrown in with a choice of red, green or blue.

It’s a rather well designed interface, pleasing to the eye and looks pretty cool on my Nexus 5. Text is easy to read and buttons and menus have a certain finish to them.interesting features. You have 20 days to see if you like it or not. Everyone’s a winner.interesting features.

The app also includes a multi band graphic equalizer with custom presets and two exclusive presets based on the Pro EQ Engine, which are also part of the features that get disabled after the 20 day trial period.

The list of niceties is extensive, and it starts with the UI – a gesture based flip UI somewhat similar to Flipboard where the user can simply flip through his or her music library. Once it’s scanned for your music, you’re greeted with the main library interface.

From here, you can browse your songs by selecting either albums, artists, playlists or genres. Clicking the circle at the top area of the screen resumes playback of the currently selected song. Song playback is amazingly minimalistic.

Flipbeats also seems to be pushing users towards a more social listening environment. You can actually share the details of the song you’re listening to via Facebook or Twitter for your friends to see.Seems like the developers are trying to make Flipbeats the social music player too.

If you’re in the mood to try out a new music app that is fun and easy to use with gesture features and gives you control over your music with an advanced equalizer and reverb engine, then Flipbeats is worth a try. It’s not as feature packed as some of the other paid apps or free apps out there, but it looks pretty good and has some.

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