How to fix Hacked Apps++ Getting Revoked

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How to fix Hacked Apps++ Getting Revoked

who uses apps from 0.33-birthday celebration app shops along with Tweakbox, App Valley or Ignition is constantly at risk of their apps turning into “revoked”. This occurs when the organization certificates that the carrier has bought gets cancelled by way of Apple. organization certificate are only meant to be used inside a commercial enterprise, not the general public.

because of this, while Apple reveals a certificates being used by a 3rd birthday party app store provider, they cancel it inflicting any present or new app downloads with that certificate to stop running. that is what takes place while your hacked apps all of sudden stop running, otherwise you’re unable to down load apps from the 0.33-celebration app save.

thankfully, it's miles possible to get around those revokes by way of using some DNS trickery. while apps are mounted with an organisation certificate, they may frequently test with Apple’s signing server to peer if the certificate continues to be legitimate. To prevent this, you may use a neighborhood DNS server to block your device from being able to touch Apple’s server. To do this, you can use a free app from the App shop referred to as DNSCloak.

this may no longer repair apps which are already revoked. as an alternative, it will prevent apps from being revoked inside the first region.

This works with all iOS versions.
This works with all third-party app stores including:
App Valley
DNSCloak will need to be disabled whenever you want to install new apps.


Written Guide

Open the notes app on your device and create a new note. In the note copy and paste the following URL: ocsp.apple.com  

Tap the share icon in the top right, then choose the ‘Save to Files’ option. Save the file either to your iCloud Drive or any other folder.

Download DNSCloak from the app store using the link above.

Once installed, open DNSCloak. In the top left, tap the 3 yellow lines to open the app’s settings.
Make sure that the ‘Connect On Demand’ toggle is turned on, and the ‘Show VPN icon’ toggle is turned off.

Tap ‘Blacklists & Whitelist’ to show more options. Turn ON the ‘Enable Blacklist’ toggle.
Tap the ‘Pick Blacklist file…’ button, then select the text file you saved earlier. It should be called ‘text’ unless you specifically changed it.

Tap the back button in the top left to return to the main app menu. Tap the ‘adguard-dns’ item, followed by the ‘Use this server’ button.

When prompted to allow DNSCloak to add VPN configurations, tap ‘Allow’. If you have a passcode set you will be asked to enter this.
Now that the DNS service has been started, a new VPN should appear in the Settings app. To find it go to ‘Settings > General > VPN’.
Once in the VPN menu, tap the ‘i’ icon next to the ‘DNSCloak’ configuration. Make sure the ‘Connect On Demand’ toggle is turned ON.

That’s it! Any third party apps installed from now on should be immune to revokes as long as DNSCloak remains active.

Important Note: Whenever you want to download new apps from a third-party app store you will need to disable DNSCloak by opening the DNSCloak app and tapping the stop button (yellow square) at the top. Make sure to re-activate this quickly after the new app(s) are installed to prevent old ones being revoked. If existing apps do become revoked while doing this, you will need to re-download them.

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