Artstudio Pro paid app for iphone ios 13/13.3.1

Downloads 50k - 250k
Version 1.4.4
Other versions Unknown

Artstudio Pro paid app for iphone ios 13/13.3.1


Introducing ArtstudioPro, the mostpowerfulpainting andphoto editing appavailable forboth iOSand

macOS.The successor to our famous ArtStudio apphasbeen redesignedbringing many new features

andimprovements taking full advantage of the latest technologies Metal,iCloud Drive, ApplePencil,

andoptimizedfor 64-bit multi-core processors to achieve the smoothestpossible workflow.

Hundreds of assets are includedandusers have the ability to import resources in the mostpopular

formats (ABR,TPL,PAT, GRD, ASE, ACO) giving instant access to millions ofbrushes,patterns,

gradients, color swatches andfonts.It willboost your creativity andhelpyoubring your ideas to life

quickly andeasily.

New engine

The powerful GPU accelerated ArtEnginedevelopedby Lucky Clan is5-10 times faster than the

previous engine.It allows working with multipledocuments, supports large canvas sizes andan

unlimitednumber of layers.Incredible optimization ensures smooth work even with large canvases.

Multiple opendocuments

Canvas size: 64Mpix (iPad Air 2 or newer,iPhone 6s or newer), 48Mpix (olderdevices)


27 tools: Move,Select, Crop, Eyedropper,Paint,WetPaint, Eraser, Bucket/Pattern/Gradient Fill,

Smudge, Dodge, Burn,Sponge,Text, Heal, Clone, and more

Flexible layer system

ArtstudioPro introduces a new layer system with grouping, non-destructive layer effects, and

adjustment layers.

Masks, clipping masks

13adjustment layers: Brightness/Contrast, Levels, Curves, Exposure/Gamma,Shadows/Highlights,

Vibrance, Hue/Saturation, Color Balance,Temperature/Tint, Black andWhite and more

9 layer effects: Bevel/Emboss,Stroke,InnerShadow,Inner Glow, Outer Glow, Color/Gradient/Pattern

Overlay, DropShadow

7blending modes

Text layers

Transform multiple layers simultaneously

Advanced Brush engine

Perfectly optimized,lag free mechanism generating smooth, real looking strokes, making the most of


Brush size upto 4000x4000

64-bitpainting with pattern,double stamp, wetbrush,dynamics.

Brush editor with 80 customizable settings.

Over 100 built-inbrushesdividedinto a few groups:Painting,Sketching, Markers,Inking, Dots &

Specks, and more.

Symmetric painting with custom symmetry line.

Professionalphoto editor.

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