top 3 apps free watch movie fo iphone 2020

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top 3 apps free watch movie fo iphone 2020

Best  Movie Apps For iPhone in 2020 TOP FREE MOVIE APPS  what is going on today I am going to show you all in this video the best movie and tv show apps for ios iphone and ipad you can download to watch new movies for free! The best thing about this is that you will be able to watch the movies and tv shows in HD with NO ads at all which is pretty sweet!
 Show Hub Play you can watch and stream movies with native player and many more advances feature!

• Watch online classic movies

• Almost detailed info about any movies.

• Browse By Categories

• Save movie you love in favourite list.

• Translate summary of movie to any language

• Share any movie you want to your friend by email, facebook, twitter... and many more ways inside this app!

• Easy to continue watching movie

• Set local notification/reminder for any movie do you love to watch it later. Movie Box & 123 Show Hub Play will notify you the time to enjoy it!

• Compatible with all iPhone and iPad including iPhone X and iPhone XS.

• Simple, user friendly interface.

• You need connect internet to use app

A lot of classic movies and legend show ready to watch! All types of movies this app provided is public domain movies, easy and legal to watch them on your mobile phone.

Public Domain: The status of a published work or invention upon which the copyright or patent has expired or which has not been patented or subject to copyright.

It may thus be freely used by the public. There are many movies that are now in the Public Domain, and therefore you can enjoy them for free.

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