FilmRise free app available only on the App Store for iPhone, iPad, and Apple TV.

Downloads 50k - 250k
Version 1.4.4
Other versions Unknown

FilmRise free app available only on the App Store for iPhone, iPad, and Apple TV.

Watch full movies and TV shows absolutely Free on Filmrise. All videos are of HD quality, and can be streamed absolutely free of

charge always. No need to submit your credit card details at all! The videos have advertisements, but much fewer than your cableTV!

Filmrise is available on iPhone, iPad and Apple TVs! So enjoy a seamless viewing experience on the go, or from comfort of yourhome.

All content on Filmrise is legal, and there are new movies and shows added everyday! You will never run out of entertainment

options with our vast library of movies ranging from Thriller, Horror, Drama, Romance, Documentaries, Crime, Action flicks and

much more! You will find both Hollywood and popular foreign language movies in our app. Discover many hidden movie gems,

cult movies and binge watch our TV shows!

We believe in providing our viewers high quality, legal films and TV shows always free!

Filmrise app features:

• Stream from a Huge library of movies and TV Shows

• HD quality, legal videos for free

• Never pay a dime – Zero fees.

• The videos include movie rating as well as popularity score to make it easier to decide what to watch!

• All videos you watch will be included in Recently Played playlist, so that you don’t have to search next time you want to pick from

where you left off

• Watch on mobile and TV.

• New movies and TV shows added everyday

• Our editors create new playlists every week – making it easier to decide what to watch, and discover new flix.

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