SnapChat Plus Mod apk

Downloads 50k - 250k
Version 1.4.4
Other versions Unknown

SnapChat Plus Mod apk

SnapChat Plus, also referred to as SnapChat++, is a an app which extends the basic features of the popular social media tool Snapchat. SnapChat Plus is an intuitive, easy to use app which fixes some of the issues with the basic Snapchat app. There are tons of extra features added, including increased recording strength, the ability to add spoof locations and filters, better customizability of notification sounds, and more.

Additionally, the app fully up to the latest firmware and is updated very regularly. In order to download the app, users must delete the standard SnapChat app off of their device first. Otherwise, the modified version may clash and cause buggy problems. 

If users aren't careful, the developers of the standard SnapChat app may suspend the users' account for having a modified version. Downloading SnapChat Plus comes at the risk of the user; however, in order to avoid this happening, users can install anti jailbreak detection software onto their iPhone. 

Before users can get the full utility for SnapChat plus, they must go into their iOS settings, tap General, tap profiles, find the SnapChat Plus profile, and choose to "Trust" the app on their device. Since the app is not an official Apple Store provided app, the user has to jump through extra hoops to get it fully functional. 

Of course, the main issue that most users have with the app is that it is hard to set up first. The app also runs the risk of users getting their account suspended unless they take extra measures to protect that from occurring. 

Otherwise, many believe that SnapChat++ is more than worth downloading - it provides extra features which are mysteriously absent on the out-of-the-box SnapChat app. For less technologically savvy users, SnapChat Plus can be installed without the need of jailbreak software. Overall, SnapChat Plus is an interesting way to perfect users' social media experience on the standard SnapChat interface. 

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